Thursday, December 13, 2007


This was a sunset in the Archdale area that I photographed. I was in such a hurry to get where I was and jump out of my car and take the picture! It took me a while to find my CF card, and I was afraid I'd miss it! Thankfully, I didn't.

Canon 30D
ISO 400
1/10 sec @ f/5.6

Fun stuff

A while ago I went to Ziggy's to see a show with my sister and some friends. While we were waiting I was messing around with my camera, which was new then, and I took some fun pictures. It looks like they're diseased or something!

Canon 30D
ISO 400
3.2 sec @ f/3.5

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Multiple Jordans

For our digital class we had an assignment where we had to shoot a model in front of a bright white background, and then using skills we've learned in photoshop put our model on two different locational backgrounds. My friend Jordan came out to the studio so I could take some bridal portraits of her, so I used her as my model for this assignment. I think they turned out really great! What do you think? I love that she's breakin it down by herself in an empty living room and at the Duke Gardens. And that the boom box isn't even plugged in!

Canon 30D
1/125 sec @ f/18
40mm lens
Two speedos were set up to evenly light the white background, two black panels kept the light coming from the speedos from hitting my model, and another speedo with an umbrella was set up to light her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Summer photos

I wanted to post these because they're some of my favorite images from this past summer. Lucy Clement and I went to the Fun Fourth Festival in downtown Greensboro to check out the July 4th festivities, and we brought our cameras along to get some weeklies shot for Bill's class. We had such a fun time, and got some great pictures! These are a few of my favorites:

I love the second one! It was so much fun shooting everyone dancing, but I really wanted to join in! That was definitely a highlight from this past year as far as shooting exeriences go.