Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting close

Here are some photos from this week's Macro endeavors. The first is the inside of a Snickers bar, and the last two are of a rose - top and bottom.

©2008 Stephanie Cottle
Nikon D300
105mm Nikkormat lens with extension
ISO 200
1/30 sec @ f/8


leah_mae said...

These are pretty and very appropiate for vday.

jenn laughlin said...

These flowers are beautiful. You did an amazing job on them. The colors are so rich. The detail is beautiful. Fantastic job!!

Lanham said...

Love the composition of the second one. Nice work

suestolarczyk said...

Great close-up photographs I love the flowers Really Nice work.

Abra said...

I love the shot taken from the bottom of the rose. Beautiful and unexpected.