Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Outdoor Portrait

For our portrait lighting class, we had to take an outdoor portrait balancing our flash with the available light. I used my sister, Brittany, as my subject, and I shot this in my backyard. This is the first portrait that I am really proud of! I was very happy with it.

Here are a couple of others I liked. One is really flat, but I think the background is pretty so I'm posting it.

Canon 30D
70mm lens
ISO 1000 (I thought I had changed it to 200, but apparently not!)
1/50 sec at f/22


Paige Kazazian Photography said...

i love the portrait!! the first one is great, definitely did a good job balancing the two light sources. i'd have to say my favorite is the one in the middle. the exposure and color are great, she has a good pose going on, and i think it's a very flattering portrait. great job stephanie!

Dustin said...

These really turned out great! I'm glad you softened the background, NICE job!

Dunkelberger said...

Nice work babe. You did a good job getting her to look natural.

somethingCREATIVE said...

no...YOU"RE cool!!!