Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Over Thanksgiving break we had to take a "seasonal portrait" of someone to turn in for our portrait class. I shot this on Thanksgiving, of my aunt and cousin. I used my flash as a fill light, and the sun as the main light. I really like it, but I know the shadow from my aunts nose drops a bit too low and I wish Coy (my cousin) wasn't squinting so much. I also know that this image doesn't indicate a certain holiday, but you can tell it's fall from the color of the leaves on the trees.

Canon 30D
ISO 200
55mm lens
Canon 550 flash
1/40 sec @ f/22 (I blurred the background and used the history brush to bring them back in...I need to stop shooting portraits at f/22!)

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Paige O'Brien said...

I think this is a nice family portrait. The boy is adorable.